Terms And Conditions


TERMS AND CONDITIONS as applicable to all PROPNM Plans

Version May 2019

Article 1. Definitions

In these General Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

Account: An account that a Registered User sets up and that is required to use the Platform. The License Agreement determines if and how many Accounts a Registered User can register.

Annual Subscription: A License Agreement closed between 3DCLICK and a Registered User with the initial term of 12 months, according to the conditions as set out in this Terms and Conditions and the respective License Agreement.

Applicable Law: All relevant European, national and regional laws, rules and regulations including but not limited to intellectual property law, privacy and personal data collection.

Catalogue(s): Visual (group of) libraries with a more or less structured databases containing 3D mockups and technical information about each 3D mockup, provided by Registered Users with a License to create and share Catalogue(s).

Content: All information uploaded by any User included in the presentations and in the 3D models and Catalogues configured with the Software, including the Mock-ups, 3D models, graphics, photographs, videos, drawings, texts, conferences, multimedia contents, and any other scientific, artistic, or literary works and presentations, data, images, commercial brands, trade marks, and any other items.

License(s): A license that gives a Registered User the right to use the Platform under specific and express conditions as defined in the License Agreement.

License Agreement or Plan: The agreement between a Registered User and 3DCLICK that stipulates and determines the plan that a Registered User has subscribed to and the conditions and details of this plan.

License Fees: The amount payable by a User as stipulated in the License Agreement.

Monthly Subscription: A License Agreement closed between 3DCLICK and a Registered User for an undetermined period of time according to the conditions as set out in this Terms and Conditions and the respective License Agreement

Platform: The 3DCLICK user interface that is accessible by Users and that allows for collaborative use of the Software.

Passive User: Any natural or legal person that has been invited by a Registered User to access the Platform and view whatever Content the Registered User has invited this Passive User to. Passive Users have no License but are bound by the 3DCLICK terms of use for the use of the Platform and/or Software.

Registered User: Any natural or legal person that has registered with the Platform and is a licensee to a License.

Software: The programme with the specific information, designs, components and features as described in the applicable License, as provided by 3DCLICK to the User under the conditions as described in these Terms and Conditions and the License Agreement.

Terms & Conditions: These terms and conditions. and

Website: www.propnm.com

3D Interactive Solutions: 3D Interactive Solutions, S.L., (Registro Mercantil de Pontevedra/ Hoja PO-61850 Tomo 4191 Libro 4191 Folio 176 Inscripción 6a), the company that owns the Platform and Software 3DCLICK and that enters into License Agreement with a Registered User.

Article 2. Applicability

1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Plans and License Agreements between the Registered User and 3DCLICK.

2. General (purchasing) conditions of the Registered User do not apply.

3. Exceptions to these Terms and Conditions are only valid and binding if and insofar these have been agreed between 3DCLICK and a Registered User in written and/or through a License Agreement.

4. 3DCLICK has the sole right to unilaterally amend these Terms and Conditions at all times and shall notify the Registered User of such amendment(s) in written and the effective date of such amendment(s).

5. If one of multiple provisions in these Terms and Conditions are declared void through judicial intervention, the remaining provisions will remain in full force.

6. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force in the event that 3DCLICK fully or partially changes name, legal form or owner. 3DCLICK shall, at all times, be entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under this Terms and Conditions to a subsidiary, affiliate or group company.

7. The Registered User explicitly declares to have received these Terms and Conditions prior to conclusion of any registration with the Platform and/or prior to entering into any License Agreement. The Registered User also explicitly declares to have read the contents of these Terms and Conditions and to agree with all its conditions and provisions.